This community trading site is owned and operated by Schoolstrader Limited, a British company.

Schoolstrader Limited started an online trading service for three schools in 2006; the Schoolstrader website now covers 30,000 independent, primary & secondary school communities and university communities across the UK and The Republic of Ireland.

The Schoolstrader business was created to meet the demand by school and university communities (parents, staff, alumni, students, friends and family) for a simple and free community trading website. Schoolstrader is now used by tens of thousands of people across the British Isles to buy/sell/rent everything from holiday homes, flats to rent, bikes and cars to pets, houses, boats, school uniform, textbooks and furniture. We also carry job ads.

If your community site is not listed please contact us at   

To use the site, users register under a school or university community, and then place ads or search for items under specific categories. The site is open to all and is used by parents, teachers, alumni, students, friends, family and local people. School and university communities are grouped by type, area, region and nation.

Placing ads is simple. Users chose a category, write a short piece of text, put in a price and then post the ad on the site. Ads will take up to three photos. Ads stay up for three months and we send automatic reminders. Ads may be removed or edited at any time using the Me function.

Finding ads is easy. Ads are laid out in date order under various categories and sub categories. Local ads appear in blue, regional in green and national in purple. Users can search through the categories (eg. Music) and can also search using key words (eg. Flute). Once they find an interesting ad, they email the advertiser asking for more details.

People unconnected with a school or university community may register on Schoolstrader as a "Friend" of their local community, but their ads on the site (and their emails to advertisers responding to ads) will appear in a shade of orange to indicate that they are not directly linked to that community.

To maximise coverage, users may place ads locally, regionally or nationally across our network. They may also opt to place ads only to certain communities (eg just university users). There is an Open Days section which is used by schools and unis.

The site also shows New Ads (latest ads posted on the site), Trending (trending categories), Views (user, customer and partner testimonials) and Live Stats (number of live users on the site and total number of users).

Schoolstrader is not aimed at younger children; users must be aged 16 or over.

The site is free for private users, who may place private small ads free of charge.

The site is funded by carefully selected banner advertising by companies. There is also a paid-for Businesses section - a directory of local, regional and national businesses and services that have been posted on the site by the Schoolstrader team, and a Great Websites section. Businesses are asked to contact for details of commercial advertising rates and should not advertise directly in our classified pages. See Advertising for further details.

Schoolstrader monitors its site and will remove any inappropriate or offensive ads. If you spot such an ad, please either use the "Report Ad" link on the ad or email